“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” – Michael Jordan

Your staff are your company’s biggest asset. Our skill at finding, recruiting and keeping the best staff for your business is our biggest asset.

We understand that recruitment takes time, so we have invested years in creating our team of Specialist Consultants, each with experience and understanding in their own sector. With their understanding of your industry, we can bring you candidates who are a great match for your role.

We don’t allow unreliable or unmotivated candidates to stay in our system. We maintain a strict “one strike” policy for no-show interviewees, to ensure we aren’t wasting your time with candidates who aren’t committed. We also reward and nurture our best people, helping to match them with businesses where they can succeed and thrive.

We match superstar companies with superstar staff. Here’s how

Vantis use a blend of techniques designed to target, attract and secure the perfect candidate.

Strong database management

Our database is our strongest tool which has been built and maintained to an outstanding standard. Each of our specialist sectors has their own database holding 1000s of sector-specific candidates across the country. 80% of our vacancies are filled by candidates already registered with Vantis Resourcing.


Vantis Resourcing advertises all vacancies throughout 33 top online sites and across all social media sites. With all our consultants working within their sector for many years, the candidate networks they can reach is priceless.

Targeted Headhunting

Vantis will always strive to deliver the best candidate, not the easiest one to find. We will, therefore, go over and above to secure this candidate for you and will work alongside clients to approach their ideal candidates.


Vantis pride themselves on providing a thorough and detailed interview process with all candidates, we interview all candidates face to face, carry out competency testing and gain three references before we shortlist them for your position. We will only ever send you the TOP three candidates for your position, providing you with a candidate information sheet along with their CV so you can see their highlighted points before reading the CV in full.

We won’t inundate our clients with unnecessary amounts of CVs, just the best of the bunch, ensuring we do ALL the work and leave our clients to do their jobs.

Interviewing process

Once clients have selected candidates for interview Vantis will carry out detailed personal profile assessment on these candidates these reports will be provided to clients before the interview date so that they can use these to assist them in the interview. We take feedback from candidates and clients within 2 hours of the interview ensuring both client and candidate are both put in the picture quickly and efficiently with detailed feedback.

Continued contact

At Vantis, we understand our candidates are our core. We keep in contact with all placed candidates and clients periodically for the first nine months of employment to ensure both parties are happy and that things are going well dealing with and taking ownership of any issues that arise.